Women’s Networking Association: All Things Women’s Health – Women’s Nutrition

Location: Virtual

Event Description

Established in 2013, the Women’s Networking Association (WNA) seeks to connect professional women across campus through meaningful and empowering relationships. Providing an opportunity for women to network and support one another is an essential step for building women’s leadership at Michigan State University and in the Greater Lansing community.

WNA hosts monthly seminars which focus on professional development and leadership building. Seminars for AY22/23 will mainly occur on the third Wednesday of each month (besides where indicated as otherwise due to holidays or scheduling conflicts), varying from 12-1pm and 1-2pm presentation time slots. WNA programs are open to all but may have particular relevance to women-identifying individuals seeking to advance their careers or develop networking and leadership skills.

Learning Objectives

  1. Compare the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to popular diets
  2. Explain the “long game” of nutrition and food choices
  3. Identify specific nutrients important to women

About the Speaker: Joyce Bryant

Joyce smiling

Joyce Bryant is a graduate of MSU with a B.S. degree in dietetics. She has 20 years’ experience in clinical dietetics and nutrition counseling and 14 years’ experience with the State of Michigan WIC program. Joyce went back to school after her children graduate from high school and got a master’s in health services administration through the University of Michigan’s OJOC program. She is currently working on advancing the intake of iron in 12–24-month-old children in food deserts in her spare time.