Supervisor Training Series: Values Based Leadership from MSU’s Outstanding Supervisor Award Winners

Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2023 | Time: 1:00-2:00pm | Location: Virtual Zoom

Event Description

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Join the December session of the Supervisor Training Series to hear first hand, from MSU’s Outstanding Supervisor Award Winners, how to implement values based leadership. We’re going right to the source to hear from MSU’s OSA Winners on what values they see as critical in leading their teams, overcoming challenges as a supervisor, and much more! 

Learning Objectives

From the perspective of own Outstanding Supervisor Award Winners:

  • What values do you find most critical to being an effective supervisor? 
  • What is one of your biggest challenges as a supervisor and what have you done to overcome that?
  • Of the criteria for rating OSA nominees, which stand out to you the most as significant in your supervisory style? 

About the Speaker: Rebecca Jenson, Outstanding Supervisor Award Winner 2023

“Becky’s leadership style is characterized by positivity and empowerment. She inspires and motivates her team to reach their full potential by providing guidance, while also respecting that her team members are smart, capable professionals. Since working for Becky, I’ve grown dramatically in my confidence and knowledge of my abilities to do my job well. I also know that Becky is always available if I need her support. Knowing that she is in my corner is a great feeling as an employee.”

About the Speaker: Erin Schlicher, Outstanding Supervisor Award Winner 2023

“Erin has done a tremendous job in humanizing the workplace. She supports me as an individual and has helped make my onboarding process and introduction into my role an easy transition onto a new team and workplace structure. Being treated with respect, trust, empathy, and encouragement, keeping standards high, while also being down to earth and relatable are traits I have really valued in her leadership style.”

About the Speaker: Bryan Beverly, Outstanding Supervisor Award Winner, 2022

“Bryan has worked extremely hard to break down the silos that existed in our office to create a collaborative and cohesive work environment. The collaborative nature of our office is due to Bryan’s ability to empower his employees to make decisions, be involved in high-level conversations, and provide recommendations or suggestions on next steps. We are very much a unified office, where no one is above any task or assignment. You could poll our office staff and ask what their favorite thing about their job is, and I can say with 100% confidence that everyone would respond that it is the people they work with. That speaks volumes to Bryan’s leadership. He has created such an enjoyable environment and a unified team with no hierarchy feel. It makes it such a joy to come to work.”