Supervisor Training Series: Supporting Employees Through Organizational Changes

Date: Tuesday, November 7, 2023 | Time: 1:00-2:00pm | Location: Virtual Zoom

Event Description

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Supervisors play a critical role in ensuring the success of any change initiative. Whether in times of incremental change or transformational change, employees will look to their supervisor for information, support, and direction on specifically the “what” and the “how”. Join us for a discussion about best practices for supporting your employees through change. 

Learning Objectives

  • The impact of organizational change on employees
  • The importance of the supervisory role in providing guidance and support during organizational change
  • Best practices for supporting your employees through change.

About the Speaker: Christy Turner, Integrated Strategy Manager

Christy holds a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Administration and is a Society for Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional, specializing in organizational design, work replanning, and performance management. She has worked at MSU for more than 15 years, holding a variety of organizational development roles on both the Enterprise Business Systems Project and within MSU Human Resources. She currently leads the Strategy and Development team in Organizational and Professional Development.