Family Employee Resource Group: Family Resources for Learning Disabilities in K-12

Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2023 | Time:  12:00-1:00pm | Location: Virtual – Zoom

Event Description

Is your family searching for resources regarding learning disabilities or special education options for your child in K-12? This opening session for the Family Employee Resource Group is geared towards providing information and resources on this topic specifically. Join us to learn more from Andrea Beachneau, Regional Parent Mentor with the Michigan Alliance for Families, and Greg Molenda, Director of Technical Assistance for the Ingham Intermediate School District. During this session, our speakers will discuss information around Special Education resources and options, IEP Plans, 504 Plans, and dispute resolution for parents. Andrea and Greg have experience working with parents and children who are experiencing the challenges of learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, and neurodivergence. During this session, you’ll also have time to pose questions to our panelists as well.

Learning Objectives

  • Special education options and resources in the k-12 education system
  • Process for requesting or utilizing an IEP Plan and 504 Plan
  • Dispute resolution options for parents

About the Speaker: Andrea Beachneau, Regional Parent Mentor, Michigan Alliance for Families

Andrea is the Regional Parent Mentor for Michigan Alliance for Families covering Clinton, Eaton, Ingham and Shiawassee counties. As a Regional Parent Mentor, she works with families of children who may need or are receiving special education services. Andrea connects families to local resources in the area. She also participates in many trainings offered statewide on varying topics, such as ableism, assistive technology, and the transition from middle and high school. Andrea is a parent of a child who has several diagnoses and has an IEP, so she can connect with families through personal experience as well.   

About the Speaker: Greg Molenda, Director of Technical Assistance, Ingham County Intermediate School District

Greg Molenda is a seasoned special education administrator and educator with a diverse background in the field. Currently serving as the Director of Technical Assistance at Ingham Intermediate School District, Greg has held various pivotal roles, including: special education teacher, local district Special Education Director, Compliance Monitor, and Director of ASD Programs. Greg’s passion lies in simplifying intricate special education compliance topics through infographics. His tenure as a special education teacher for students with behavioral challenges has given him with insights into behavior management for students with special needs. Greg’s overarching mission is to leverage his vast knowledge to enhance the educational journey of special needs students. He has a proven track record of leading special education compliance monitors and supporting educators at the county level. Greg’s commitment to professional development is evident through the numerous training opportunities he has curated for educational staff in many settings. He holds a Master of Education in Administration of Special Education from Grand Valley State University and is certified as a School Administrator and Director of Special Education by the Michigan Department of Education.