Family Employee Resource Group: Exploring Parenting Styles

Date: Tue, 04/11/2023 | Time: 12-1pm | Location: Virtual – Zoom

Event Description

Have you ever noticed yourself saying something to your children that your parent said to you?  Or have you ever wondered how to guide your children, most effectively, while still preparing them for independence?  In this workshop we will explore and reflect on our parenting styles, how they have developed, the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of parenting style, and how to find a balance that best supports a strong family for you.

The Family Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a place for Spartans to connect on family-related topics with the goal of connecting, building community and sharing best practices regarding raising or caregiving for children and caregivers.

The Family ERG meets on the second  Tuesday from 12-1pm each month during the academic year in the form of educational Zoom webinars, interactive “Ask the Expert” format meetings, as well as in person family friendly programs and events (which are held on Saturdays). For questions, contact Rachel Perez at

Learning Objectives

  • Reflect on the development of parenting styles
  • Explore 4 main parenting styles: permissive, uninvolved, authoritarian, and authoritative
  • Discuss other parenting style variations: free-range, overprotective/helicopter, attachment
  • Discuss the characteristics of strong families

About the Speaker: Courtney Aldrich, Program Instructor with the MSU Extension Child and Family Development

Headshot image of Courtney Aldrich

As a Program Instructor with the MSU Extension Child and Family Development team, Courtney teaches parents and caregivers about child development, learning, and strategies for caregiving practices.  She provides virtual and in-person programming at schools, conferences, libraries, and training venues with community partners throughout Michigan.  A former early childhood professional, Courtney earned her master’s degree in Educational Psychology from Eastern Michigan University.