Adult Caregivers Employee Resource Group: Navigating Safety, Risk, and Independence while Caring for our Elders

Date: Thu, 10/27/2022| Time: 12-1PM | Location: Virtual – Zoom

Event Description

Join us for a conversation on navigating safety, risk, and independence. This is a powerful session. You do not want to miss this opportunity. All are welcome! Learn about resources that can benefit your family care needs.

It is a delicate balance to maintain the safety and independence of our elders. How does one decide how to keep an elderly person safe, but what risks are worth taking to maintain their independence? This can often be a stressful issue for older adults and caregivers who support them. Approaching caregiving as a partnership and identifying resources to assist older adults is essential to maintaining their independence and taking a collaborative approach to their care.  

The Adult Caregivers Employee Resource Group is intended to virtually connect MSU faculty and staff who have caregiving responsibilities for adults in their lives and those navigating assisting a senior in their life with changing care needs. This group is open to anyone interested in connecting with other adult caregivers, or learning about issues such as how to care for yourself as a caregiver, how to start conversations about living situation changes, or how to navigate end of life choices conversations. Meetings are the fourth Thursday of the month from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. during the academic year. For questions contact Ebony Lucas at

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will describe the role of collaborating with their elders on their care.
  2. Participants will identify two factors that impact honoring a care receiver’s desire to maintain independence.
  3. How to start difficult conversations with your loved ones

About the Speaker: KC Austern, LMSW-clinical

KC Austern, LMSW-clinical. Graduated from MSU School of Social Work with an MSW in 2017. KC focused on aging and social work in health care while at MSU and has spent the past 4 years with Tri-County Office on Aging working with older adults, individuals with a disability, and their caregivers in the community.