Career / Job Change


  • MSU: New career opportunities are always available for faculty and staff at Michigan State University. 
  • HERC: (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium) allows visitors to search for higher education positions in Michigan.


Professional development:

  • Academic Advancement Network: works with all faculty, academic staff, and academic administrators at Michigan State University as they join the university, establish professional trajectories, and move through various stages of review, promotion, and growth. [Formerly Faculty & Organizational Development]
  • Human Resources (will open as  PDF): Professional Development & Technology Training Opportunities booklet. Highlights the many opportunities provided through Human Resources Professional Development Services and MSU IT. 
  • ElevateU: an e-learning tool that can be accessed from the convenience of your computer - provided and managed by Human Resources and MSU IT Services.
  • Women's Networking Association: provides professional development skill-building seminars once per month and serves as an opportunity for professional women to network, connect, and build empowering relationships.