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WorkLife Office Supports Caregivers

The WorLife Office is a strong advocate for support for Spartans who are caregivers - faculty, staff and students all benefit from the backup dependent care program, for example.  We appreciate the struggles, we see the challenges, and we are here for you.

Things to Do to Keep Kids Active, Engaged and Learning While Home

By Jaimie Hutchison
In these challenging times, it is important to acknowledge that each family will have their own work and home situation that will be unique. Some people may have more flexibility, more caregivers in the home, or older children who are more independent. Others may have less flexibility, younger children and may be the sole caretaker of those children. We honor all of you and know that you are doing the best you can.

Best Practices for Working at Home with Children

By Jaimie Hutchison
These suggestions and guidelines offer you some direction on where to start. We are all in this together and every situation at work and at home is different. These are not suggestions to do all of these things, but rather to consider what may work for you. We need to work together with compassion to decide which priorities are valued. It is time for us all to dig deep and practice a level of flexibly that we have never had to exercise before.

Preparing for Childcare and Family Arrangements

By Jaimie Hutchison
The WorkLife Office staff knows that this unprecedented experience will require preparation, thoughtfulness, and certain resources. We are working hard to support you in the best ways possible. To that goal, we have developed many resources on our website including this post about supporting your family during these trying times.

Keeping Kids Engaged Over the Summer

By Jaimie Hutchison
If you have kids in your life, one thing you are probably keenly aware of is that they keep you busy. It’s also sometimes difficult to find activities that they enjoy, especially activities and opportunities that keep their brains, creativity, and learning engaged. It can become even more complicated if you have several kids in your life and they all have different interests.

Support for Employees who Lactate at MSU

Guidelines to support lactating faculty and staff at MSU were approved and implemented in 2018.