Support for Employees who Lactate at MSU

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Guidelines to support lactating faculty and staff at MSU were approved and implemented in 2018.

Dear WorkLife,

My partner and I just gave birth to our first child and I'm returning to work next week.  I'll need to pump breast/chest milk and I'm a little nervous but I heard that MSU has some policies that will help me fell supported and comfortable. Can you tell me what types of policies are in place for new parents who are lactating?


breastfeeding mother

In the fall of 2018, the Provost and Executive Vice President for Administrative Services approved guidelines to support lactating faculty and staff at MSU.

Several supports have been in place for lactating employees since 2010, when the Affordable Care Act was passed. One ACA regulation requires that employers need to provide reasonable break time during work hours and a private space for lactating employees to express breast/chest milk. The finalized MSU guidelines build upon the requirements of the ACA, which has led to award-winning support for faculty and staff at the University. 

MSU has more than 60 locations on campus and across the state that are designated lactating parent rooms. Find the nearest location on this Google map. If you click on a pinned location, you can find out who the contact person is to reserve the space, and what amenities may be offered at each. 

Support goes beyond private lactation space and time for expressing breast/chest milk. The WorkLife Office provides educational classes for prenatal and postpartum parents and partners each fall and spring. These free classes are led by certified lactation consultants and take place for four consecutive weeks. Educational Series, “Lactation: How to Get Started and Keep Going,” will be taking place soon.

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