Outstanding Supervisor Series: Sarah Handspike

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Sarah Handspike is a Coordinator of Advising and Undergraduate Services for the Psychology Department. As a supervisor, Handspike understands the job roles of everyone in the office and is an excellent trainer and mentor. She is detail-oriented and oversees each employee with respect and care. She is also a great source of motivation and encouragement every day. Handspike is a huge asset to the department and is so deserving of this award and recognition for several reasons. 

Some character qualities used to describe Handspike are empathy, compassion, thoughtful, and family-oriented, these are all seen in the way she leads. 

“I admire Sarah in many different aspects of life in the short two years I have been working with her. She is someone who exemplifies the ideal balance between work and home life. Sarah is often the first to arrive and the last to leave. She is willing to go the extra mile for her staff and students. Her willingness to help others and students become successful as possible while at Michigan State is unmatchable. Sarah has created many programs for students to participate in and made a point to make our office open inviting space for students and faculty to come and share their concerns.”

Handspike is someone who cares not just about her staff’s work-life but also about their personal life. She understands that though her team is there to get a job done, things at home can occasionally be weighing, and Handspike is always available to offer a perspective or an idea on how to come up with a balance.

“I believe it takes a mentally strong person to manage a group of individuals who all have different needs and wants and is there to balance them all so an office works in harmony. For that, I am truly proud to have Sarah Handspike represent the entire Psychology department as a truly amazing supervisor. Without her, it would be a very different environment that I know I would not enjoy as much.”

“As a professional, Sarah is an empathetic and servant-leader. She demonstrates her leadership through her detailed communication where everyone knows their roles and responsibilities. Sarah is an innovative thinker and uses past experiences to improve future programming and events. Sarah would never ask one of her employees to complete a task that she wouldn’t be willing to complete herself. Sarah never turns down a question or makes you feel like you shouldn’t ask it. Her answers always include a detailed rationale or explanation, and additional conversation about the answer is welcomed. Every day I go to work, I feel fortunate that Sarah is my supervisor.”

Handspike’s commitment to being an outstanding supervisor has impacted ALL of her employees and the MSU community in a positive way.

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