Preparing for Work from Home

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The WorkLife Office staff knows that this unprecedented experience will require preparation, thoughtfulness, and certain resources. We are working hard to support both supervisors and employees in the best ways possible. To that goal, we have developed many resources on our website including this short preparation checklist. We ask that you take our short survey to give us feedback that can help us provide the best services to MSU faculty and staff during these trying times.

Working Together is the Spartan Way!

We want all Spartans to work together during these trying times.  Now is the time to work in concert - supervisors and direct reports, all employees.  We are all in this together and we must all work together!

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  • Review our information on flex and learn how this might be different from traditional flex work 
  • Talk to your supervisor about potential scenarios for needing more flexibility and leniency than traditional flex work because kids may be home with you 
  • Set a realistic expectation for productivity with your supervisor
  • Brainstorm a list of strategies and imagine some ways that you might work from home with your spouse and kids, structuring time to keep kids entertained while you work
    • Think of some ideas for young kids to do while you are home with your children and you are trying to work from home  
    • WorkLife can provide more information to all parents and family types, including single parents and those who are caring for elderly family members or others
  • Think about events that you might need to Zoom, reschedule, or cancel
  • Consider travel to conferences and ways to use Zoom or videos for presentations 
  • Reschedule or make accommodations for any appointments, face-to-face meetings, advising appointments, or consultations; these can occur via Teams
  • Forward your main phone line to an appropriate outside line 
  • Prepare to have the equipment to work from home 
  • Make childcare arrangements; check if backup care is available through the WorkLife Office 
  • Visit these MSU websites: and

Feedback Survey

Click here to take our short survey

The feedback survey is only a few required questions and can be submitted anonymously 

Like many departments and teams at MSU, the WorkLife Office has compiled resources to help staff and faculty adjust to the circumstances that develop from campus closure and reduced university functions.  We are here to support you!  In order to provide you the best resources, we need to hear from you.  Our feedback survey questions will help us better understand your concerns.  You can submit your feedback anonymously or provide your name if you would like us to follow-up with you.  It’s your choice!

This optional non-research survey is intended for WorkLife quality purposes.  Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns about the survey to