Outstanding Supervisor Series: Dr. Kelly Millenbah

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Dr. Kelly Millenbah is Associate Dean and Director for Academic and Student Affairs (OASA) within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR). She is a manager who demonstrates her integrity with every interaction. People want to work for Millenbah – and they work hard for her. She is someone who makes Michigan State University a better place for several reasons.

Honorable, kind, flexible, and inclusive are some of the character qualities used to describe Dr. Kelly Millenbah and her management style.

“Kelly isn’t afraid to be real with people – and, as someone who feels the same way, this is incredibly humanizing. We’re taught – especially as women – not to cry at work or be angry or emotional. I’ve done all three in the confines of her office – about work issues, and I know she understands. And, I’ve seen her do all three too. Kelly made me realize that bringing my whole self to work is how we show up best to get the job done.”

“Kelly reminds me, and many others around her, that the students are the reason we are all at MSU, and the reason she works so hard. It’s inspiring to roll up your sleeves and work next to her - that’s exactly how and who she is. Kelly is willing to do the work to get a job done.”

“She treats everyone with dignity, respect, integrity, and puts people first in all interactions. She is incredibly busy but makes time to have one-on-one meetings with all her employees on a biweekly basis. During these meetings, she checks in both personally and professionally and shows that she cares not only about my work but for me as a person.”

“Her natural ability to bring people together towards a shared vision not only empowers the staff in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs, but it also pushes us to put students at the center of every decision we make.”

Millenbah takes the time to pay attention to the humans on her team, work hard, be available, and ask people for their expertise. These characteristics make her an outstanding leader, especially at an institution of higher education.

Millenbah is a leader that exemplifies the ideals of innovation, empathy, grace, and compassion; she is more than deserving of this award.

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