Keeping Kids Engaged Over the Summer

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By Jaimie Hutchison
If you have kids in your life, one thing you are probably keenly aware of is that they keep you busy. It’s also sometimes difficult to find activities that they enjoy, especially activities and opportunities that keep their brains, creativity, and learning engaged. It can become even more complicated if you have several kids in your life and they all have different interests.

Dear Jaimie,

I've been super busy over the winter with my children's school and sports but school is about to end.  What can I do to keep my kids engaged during the summer?


The summer months have a tendency to sneak up, leaving some of us scrambling to find summer activities and/or care for kids. Well, here’s the good news – there are tons of options available in the Greater Lansing area for youth, some of which are available right here at Michigan State to help you prevent the summer-month-scramble.

Check out this extensive list of programs available in the local area over the summer months. There are options that vary by interest and age, to find a fit that is just right for each individual kid in your life. You can also use the searchable Spartan Youth Programs webpage to discover different opportunities to keep your kids engaged and learning over the summer. 

And of course, if you need in-home dependent care, you have free access to as an MSU faculty/staff member. Just sign-up with your MSU Net-ID and you can browse hundreds of local care providers to find the one that is right for you and your summer camp photo.jpg

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