Outstanding Supervisor Series: Dr. Julie Libarkin

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Dr. Julie Libarkin is a professor/advisor for the department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. She is also the Director of the MSU Geocognition Research Lab (GRL), an interdisciplinary lab that focuses on investigating how people perceive, understand, and make decisions about the planet. Libarkin goes above and beyond as a supervisor and mentor. By putting her students first, even if that means sacrificing time dedicated to her scientific contributions as a researcher. Libarkin is so deserving of this award and recognition for several reasons.

Goal orientated, compassionate, community-driven, and cares deeply about her fellow collages are a few words used to describe Dr. Julie Libarkin. 

“She has provided me with guidance, wisdom, and support through some of the toughest transitions throughout my college and graduate career. Dr. Libarkin’s dedication to making time for her students and being available when needed has never failed to impress me, and I have never seen this type of dedication in another supervisor or mentor before.”

Libarkin’s real distinction that sets her apart as an advisor and a supervisor is her intentional investment in her mentorship skills. She is a compassionate soul who gives her all with the understanding that she does not require a reward. Each one of her students has had time to know, understand, and love the person Libarkin is, which is truly a unique powerhouse for the natural science building. 

Libarkin’s drive is that she has compassion towards student’s success and research opportunity through undergraduate research. 

“Over the year of knowing her, she has always been the most compassionate soul, helping towards student’s success while having a secure network of support willing to help.” 

“Her compassion is unmatched, and her unwavering support towards topics that affect each lab member is undoubtedly what makes her stand out against the rest of her peers.” 

“Her goals are not maximum productivity of her own lab and research (which is, incidentally, very productive) but rather to maximum benefit to her students. Dr. Libarkin structures her supervision and mentorship style to value people’s needs and mental health.”
Libarkin is an exceptional supervisor! She prioritizes mentoring in all of her professional interactions at MSU. She dedicates a tremendous amount of time to supporting her students and workers, both professionally and personally.  Lastly, she does not treat her colleges like work partners but like family.

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