Whole-Person Workplace

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Whole-Person Workplace author coming to MSU in October

By Jaimie Hutchison, MA, LPC 

What is the whole-person workplace? It is a set of research-based best practices that honor employees as a full person. This includes embracing their complete identity and numerous roles, both inside and outside of work.  

Research has repeatedly found that workplaces benefit from diversity of thought, and that groups of people with differing identities, life experiences, and roles make stronger teams. It has been proven that diverse workforces are better problem solvers and innovators. There is a business case for diversity and creating well workplaces that lead to supported employees outperforming their industry peers by up to 25%.  

So, how does the WorkLife Office capitalize on moving our culture toward a more well, welcoming, and inclusive workplace? Here are some best practices in the work-life field that allow workplace culture to improve beyond words and into action.  

Supporting workplace flexibility.

It is the number one support for caregivers, and everyone else. The data is clear that this is a win-win, employers who support workplace flexibility have higher retention rates. 

Support parental leave and other family friendly policies. 

Supporting working caregivers. 

  • There are several ways that supervisors can support working caregivers. The MSU WorkLife Office is happy to consult on this topic. 

Support employee health and wellness, and workplace well-being. 

The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

  • Work-life issues are equity issues. The MSU WorkLife Office is engaged in DEI work across campus. We are committed to connecting Spartans to their communities on campus and off.  

Connecting employees to campus and community resources to support them as a whole person. 

  • If you need a resource on campus, in the community, or even state-wide, and are not sure where to start, start with the MSU WorkLife Office. We are experts at connecting people to resources. worklife@msu.edu 

Retention starts on day one.

Meet the author and researcher behind the book

We are pleased to announce that we have just confirmed our keynote speaker for our October WorkLife ConferenceScott Behson, author of the Whole Person Workplace, will share his expertise with MSU! Please save the date for October 20 from 9:00 am – 11:30 am via Zoom


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