Maranda Holtsclaw named Regional Director of Michigan Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC)

Maranda Holtsclaw is the newly appointed Director for the Michigan Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) . Prior to joining HERC, Maranda worked for the Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Department at Michigan State University, where she coordinated preventive maintenance work for skilled trades crews. Maranda holds a bachelor’s degree in Global and Area Studies and a master’s degree in Public Health from Michigan State University.

“I love working in higher education, and the prospect of bringing more people into this workforce is thrilling. Our institutions are good employers that need diverse, skilled workforces. I look forward to bringing these two pieces together and making Michigan higher ed a sought-after career option,” says Holtsclaw.

HERC is a non-profit coalition of colleges, universities, hospitals, research labs, government agencies, and related non-profit and for-profit organizations, committed to diversifying the pipeline of faculty, staff, and executives in academia. Regional HERC member institutions work together to strategically address top recruitment priorities. HERC has developed leading regional and national higher education job websites, diverse job seeker pools, and a network of colleagues at nearby campuses who collaborate on dual-career hiring issues and convene regularly for professional development opportunities.  

Holtsclaw’s duties as the regional director include: building and maintaining a network of regional institutions and individual members; providing training opportunities and support within MSU and across other HERC member institutions; and assisting colleges within the university with diverse and/or dual-career hiring.

Holtsclaw is situated inside the MSU WorkLife Office in Linton Hall. Her role with the university expands to Academic Human Resources and connects to colleges requesting assistance with reaching a diverse pipeline of candidates or support with dual-career hires. The WorkLife Office provides an additional level of assistance for both incoming dual-career faculty and non-faculty academic staff/support staff partners with information about the community and other career opportunities/job market information. Consultations with the WorkLife Office team, as part of the hiring process, provide applicants the ability to ask questions about the community, surrounding areas, and activities that they would be unlikely to ask in an interview. This could help candidates formulate a decision to relocate to MSU.

“HERC is a great asset not only to MSU but statewide, as member institutions collaborate to present career opportunities in higher education.  We can all benefit from each other’s job postings, enhancing recruitment potential. HERC also augments training for member institutions in ways that help us better serve our faculty and staff in their career development,” says Barbara Roberts, director of the WorkLife Office. “We are pleased to have Maranda join our team.”

Holtsclaw was born and raised in Michigan’s Greater Lansing Area where she lives with her husband and two young children. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. Feel free to contact Maranda at