Kids Bring Excitement to MSU for Take Your Child to Work Day 2024

By: Mark Johnson, Communications Manager, Office of the Provost

Impact of MSU's Take Your Child to Work Day

MSU celebrated Take Your Child to Work Day by offering a record 50 learning, career and entertainment events across campus. The annual event is modeled after the national Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day and offers the children and grandchildren of MSU employees the opportunity to experience all that MSU has to offer, and to understand the importance of the work that their parents and others do at MSU.

“One of the great things about Take Your Child to Work Day is that it’s such an excellent opportunity for the employees themselves, but also the children in the community,” said Rachel Perez, WorkLife Consultant for the MSU WorkLife Office. “This is a really good employee engagement opportunity that we like to offer, our employees do great work here and a lot of times we are in our units, our own colleges, and we don’t get to see what others are doing across campus, so that’s a great chance for them to meet with other partners and see what else is happening on campus. But then for the children that they bring, it’s so exciting. They get a chance to experience what MSU life is like, what kind of opportunities we have for career exploration, events, entertainment and educational opportunities here at the university too. Overall, it’s just a wonderful experience for anyone who gets to participate.”

Participating in the record-number of events were more than 2,000 MSU employees, adults and children, with many more from the MSU community. The vast array of activities and events displayed the diversity of opportunities, activities and resources that MSU has to offer, like learning about the work scientists do in the world-renowned Facility for Rare Isotope Beams or exploring the Breslin Center Hall of History and learning all about bugs at the MSU Bug House.

Wilma Wilburn, who does embroidery work for Spartan Linen Services and has been coming to MSU’s Bring Your Child to Work Day for more than 20 years, brought her daughter and two grandchildren. Among their stops was Radiology for Kids at the MSU Department of Radiology where they received simulated X-rays, learned about radiology and even watched a miniature Sparty receive a CT scan in a miniature scanner.

“I come to have a great time with my grandkids and let them enjoy themselves,” Wilburn said. Last year, her grandson was able to shoot a bow and arrow and loved it. This year she took him and her daughter and granddaughter to visit Beaumont Tower and the Bug House, among numerous other stops. “I have a list of things,” she said.

Also on display was the MSU Plant Biology Teaching Conservatory and Collection greenhouses, offering tours for visitors. MSU employees and their guests learned about the wide and diverse range of plants grown in the expansive greenhouses, from succulents, cacti, and other arid plants to plants from around the world, including Africa and China, and even plants that the common gardener would consider a weed.

Another highlight of the day came when children and their parents met the world-famous Sparty during the Central Certificate Ceremony.

Ciera Trice, who works in the College of Engineering Multi-cultural Initiatives office, and her three children posed for a picture with Sparty and celebrated another Take Your Child to Work Day with fun activities, like decorating cookies at the College of Business, getting their Spartan ID cards, meeting Sparty and of course sampling the delicious ice cream at the MSU Dairy Store.

“We’re a part of the community, they see me going off to work every day and they’re very curious about what happens at work. And with Michigan State being as big as it is, I love for them to be exposed to all the other units, departments and different things we have going on here. They’ve been talking about this since I brought them last year, so I knew I had to bring them again this year.”

Perez and Jaimie Hutchinson, director of the MSU WorkLife Office, credited a list of people for helping make Take Your Child to Work Day possible, including:

  • All units and colleges who hosted an activity or tour
  • University of Health and Wellbeing Leadership team for their support and guidance
  • Office of the Provost Communications Team for their planning and communications efforts
  • Student Life & Engagement Residence Education and Housing Services Facilities team for their partnership in hosting the Central Certificate Ceremony

Donors to the event:

  • Infrastructure Planning and Facilities: Surplus Store and Recycling Center
  • Munn Ice Arena
  • Department of Entomology: Pollinators and Pollination
  • College of Law
  • College of Communication Arts and Sciences: WKAR
  • School of Social Work

Anyone interested in helping out with the 2025 Take Your Child to Work Day event can contact the WorkLife Office at