University Commitment


Welcome to the WorkLife Office at MSU

Michigan State University is committed and offers to its faculty and staff an excellent and supportive work place. However, balancing one's multiple roles is a struggle for all of us. Organizing your professional life in order to have the time you need to attend to family can be one of the most difficult challenges that we face over the course of our careers. This central website provides comprehensive, "one-stop," information regarding policies, practices, programs, events, and resources pertaining to all aspects of WorkLife at MSU. It is designed to help you organize your personal and professional life so that you can focus on being your most creative and productive self. Our goal is to continue to attract and retain excellent faculty and staff, and to create a community where all can be successful. One way of achieving this goal is by explicitly supporting your efforts to fulfill your work life responsibilities.


Making Work and Life Compatible

Photo of Barbara RobertsManaging our work and personal lives presents ongoing challenges, and the WorkLife Office is being developed to support you throughout your career span at MSU. We appreciate the many dynamics that contribute to the life experiences of our university community. Needs such as elder and child care, expressions of faith and culture, and wellness elements must be recognized and respected in the context of changing demands of both the workplace and home. While the WorkLife Office is still "under construction" as a resource-rich place of creativity, inclusion, safety, and information, I hope this website will help you find the supports you need to manage your work and personal lives in synergy, and not in competition. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or concerns while we work with the community to create a place that supports you in all your roles, and fosters a place you want to be in.

Barbara Roberts
Executive Director, WorkLife Office,
Michigan State University