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Michigan State University is committed to offering its faculty and staff an excellent and supportive work place; however, balancing one's multiple roles is a struggle for all of us. Organizing your professional life to have the time you need to attend to family and other priorities can be one of the most difficult challenges that we face over the course of our careers. This central website provides comprehensive, "one-stop," information regarding policies, practices, programs, events, and resources pertaining to all aspects of WorkLife at MSU. It is designed to help you organize your personal and professional life so that you can focus on being your most creative and productive self. Our goal is to continue to attract and retain excellent faculty and staff, and to create a community where all can be successful. One way of achieving this goal is by explicitly supporting your efforts to fulfill your work life responsibilities.

Managing our work and personal lives presents ongoing challenges, and the WorkLife Office is here to support you throughout your career span at MSU. We appreciate the many dynamics that contribute to the life experiences of our university community. 

Making Work and Life Compatible

The WorkLife Office was established in August of 2015. At the time, the unit absorbed the Family Resource Center (employee facing) and the Women’s Resource Center, continuing the work that had been done for more than 20 years to support MSU’s faculty, academic staff, and staff in connecting and navigating multiple roles throughout workplace, career, family, and life transitions.

The WorkLife Office partners with the community to create an inclusive, responsive work environment where all faculty and staff are respected and supported toward well-being in their work and personal lives. Reflecting MSU’s values of equity, inclusiveness, and connectivity, the WorkLife Office strives for excellence, equity, and synergy. The team within the office serves faculty, academic staff, and support staff in a wide array of areas that fall into one of these five categories:

  1. Family: Family refers to the people with whom you closely relate. Family can be parents and kids, elders, partners, multi-generation, foster parents, guardians, adoptive parents, new parents, teen parents, LGBTQIA+, empty nest parents, stepfamily, single parent, adult caregivers, grandparents or anyone who you include as family. The intention of the word “family” is to be as broadly inclusive as possible. The most utilized topics in this area are caregiving (childcare and eldercare) and issues surrounding families and children/elders.
    - Family Resources information
    - Care.com/MSU quick guide
  2. Career: Career refers to the span of one’s working years from first full-time position, to new hire with MSU, through career transitions, educational experiences, training, promotion, retirement, and transitioning into life after retirement.
  3. Workplace: Workplace is the environment in which work is done. It refers not only to the physical space, but also the culture of the environment and the mental well-being of those within the work group and ultimately the larger campus community.
  4. Community: Community includes those working at MSU, as well as those who provide or receive resources from MSU and partner with MSU to achieve common goals. Community also refers to groups within the university that connect for a variety of reasons from interest, background, and common goals. This service focuses on connecting people to both campus and the surrounding community.
  5. Newcomers: Newcomers are a subset of Community. Newcomers are those who are applying or have recently started working at MSU. The needs of this group peak early in the start of their employment with assistance in relocation, as newcomers attempt to settle into the new environment both at work and in the surrounding area. Potential new hires/applicants in the interview process land in this category. It is important for recruitment and retention that people feel welcome and find places to connect within the community.
    Potential new hires/applicant consultation information

As a contributor to the community, the WorkLife Office also contributes to committees and workgroups both on campus and in the larger work/life network of organizations at other universities. This network of relationships helps surface timely and relevant issues to which the office can respond, provide support, and elevate to administrative and leadership levels.

The WorkLife Office is a resource-rich place of creativity, inclusion, safety, and information. This website will help you find the supports you need to manage your team, your work and your personal lives in synergy, and not in competition. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or concerns while we work with the community to create a place that supports you in all your roles, and fosters a place you want to be in. 

Honoring your work and personal lives!

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