The Michigan State University WorkLife Office was founded in 2016 and provides a one-stop destination for your lifespan and career/professional life questions. The staff of the office can help facilitate success in your many roles and can offer guidance in creating synergy between those responsibilities.

We are here for you.

The WorkLife Office accomplishes our mission by offering guidance and education in five areas:

  1. Career Transitions: For faculty or staff, career transition concerns may include: tenure clock stoppage for parental leave; taking on a new role at MSU; advancing or changing careers; among others. The WorkLife Office offers consultation and connects you to seminars and workshops to assist in these matters.
  2. Relocation & Community Connections: If you are new to Michigan State, the Greater Lansing area, Michigan or the United States, the WorkLife Office can help connect you to campus and community resources. Even if you aren’t new to the area, we have plenty of ways to help you locate and access the resources you need.
  3. Family Care: Resources include, but are not limited to, consultation to determine the best care for you and your family’s needs; identifying emergency childcare; sharing best practices for elder care.
  4. Workplace Assistance: We offer guidance for talking with supervisors about flexible work arrangements, recommendations for resolving conflict in the workplace, and identifying MSU policies which may apply to your workplace setting, among others.
  5. Research: We provide access to cutting-edge research about best practices for work-life synergy and develop research specific to MSU’s community.

We look forward to connecting with you. We offer consultations and can help connect you to the resources that you need the most.

Never hesitate to contact the MSU WorkLife Office.

Honoring your work and personal lives!

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